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Lotus Property Services Cornwall Ltd. is a professional property investment, development and management company based in Falmouth, Cornwall.


To purchase unloved property that needs a full refurbishment and develop it to create high quality, safe and stylish accommodation in Cornwall, in the most sustainable way possible. We purchase with our own and investor funds, who are repaid with a healthy return.

We specialise in Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs), also known as co-living, house share or multi-lets. As HMO owners we understand the time and energy it takes to manage both the property and the tenants. We want to make this easier for landlords looking for a hands-free investment by offering a fully managed service with guaranteed rent.


Everyone we work with wins. Our investors looking for great returns on their loans, landlords who want peace of mind by us maintaining their property and tenants, and tenants who need a beautiful, well-managed space to call home.


Do you want more time for yourself?

Have you experienced any of these problems: empty rooms, chasing rent payments, dealing with bad tenants, too many maintenance issues?

Is your property in need of a light refurbishment to make it look up to date and modern?
If your property investment involves you being too hands-on and taking up all your free time dealing with problems, we can take the stress out of dealing with tenants and property maintenance issues by offering you:

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Collaborating with investors creates a triple-win situation: investors grow their money, receiving healthy returns; tenants have stylish accomodation to call home and we can continue with our passion for investing in Cornwall by creating high quality and safe living spaces.

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