Shared accommodation with all bills included


Are you a young professional looking for a new home with all bills included?

Do you want to live in a stylish room with comfortable modern communal areas and share with people who suit your lifestyle?

If so, we can help! We provide quality co-living accommodation for those looking to let a room in Falmouth, Penryn or Truro. All our properties are in great locations, near to the local amenities and with great transport links.

Interested? Here’s an outline of what happens next:

Please read our frequently asked questions and answers below to learn more and visit Our Rooms page to see types of the quality room lets we can offer you. If you want to register your interest in any future room vacancies we have, please Contact Us


Yes, on application we will reference your employment, current/previous landlords/agencies and your credit status will be confirmed. We will also need to take some formal photo ID from you and ensure that you have the “Right to Rent” within the UK.

Yes, the deposit is equal to 1 months’ rent so will depend on the price of the room you take. The Deposit Protection Service takes care of this for you for the duration of your stay with us.

Yes, all of our bedrooms have locks on for your peace of mind.

A minimum of 6 months, which then rolls month by month after your initial fixed term. If you have a shorter contract term at work please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

After your initial 6 month contract, just give us 1 calendar months’ notice. We will advertise your room and give you a minimum of 24 hours’ notice that someone is coming to view your room.

In this situation we try to help as much as possible. We will advertise the room for the day after you vacate and try to get someone to take over from you as soon as possible. You will of course be liable for rent until the day that someone takes over, or the end date of your contract, whichever is soonest.

Your co-living housemates will be predominantly working professionals in their 20’s and 30’s. There may be a mature student or postgraduate in the house. We always try to ensure there’s a harmonious mix in our house share properties, that way everyone stays for longer.

Rooms are for single occupancy only as this ensures all housemates are comfortable and there’s no overcrowding in the bathrooms and communal areas of the living room and kitchen.

None of our properties allow pets, this is for the comfort of all of the other housemates.

All bills are included! Gas, electricity, water, council tax, broadband and TV licence. Please note the gas and electricity are included up to a combined cost of £200 per calendar month for the whole household. There is no reason you should go over this, even in the winter, but if you did, it would be calculated monthly and split evenly between the people living there. We are proud of the high standard accommodation provided and include a fortnightly cleaner of communal areas and for those homes with a garden, we will provide a regular gardener.

Rent needs to be paid via a standing order, set up to reach our account on the 1st of every month.

Please call or text us on 07497 654550 to arrange a viewing. Please be aware we must give our current tenants 24 hours notice, so don’t expect a viewing the same day you call.

Yes, we only put in the biggest fibre optic broadband packages available in our properties as we know how important internet is to everyone.

Yes but a maximum of 2 nights per week and we would expect this to be reciprocal if this is a common occurrance. This ensures all housemates feel equally at home in the communal areas without any crowding or waiting around to use the bathroom! Please let your housemates know when you have someone staying as a common courtesy.

Each of our properties have different access for cars so please check the advertisement for the home you are interested in.

Yes, if you find someone to rent one of our rooms, we will pay you £25 after they have moved in. You don’t even need to be one of our tenants anymore.

No, but all our properties are strictly non-smoking inside. This includes hanging out of the window! You can of course smoke in the outside parts of the property with the doors closed behind you.

We only supply a mattress protector which must remain in place.

You will have one bed frame and mattress, a mattress protector, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe (or tallboy) and a bedside table. Some rooms also have a desk and chair. All rooms have curtains or blinds and a lock.

All our homes have the basic equipment you will need to cook and eat with, however if you wanted to bring your own blender/coffee grinder etc. please do.

All properties have one washing machine and we ensure that there is enough fridge space so that each tenant has their own shelf. Some properties also have the luxury of a dishwasher and tumble drier, but not all. Please check the advert for more detail.

We do but we rely on your help. Please tell us as soon as you think there is an issue with anything in the house, even if you think it is a small issue, and we will organise the repairs. If it is a structural problem or general wear and tear the landlord will pay for it, but if someone has broken something, by accident or not, you will have to pay for it. We are always very fair and will listen to everyone’s explanation first.

Yes all houses are fitted with large flat screen TVs in the living room / communal area.


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